News Releases

Missing Vancouver Man Located – Thank You!

Date:   Jun 10, 2015

Victoria, BC – Your efforts to help locate a missing  68-year-old Vancouver man paid off this morning when Christopher Tyson was located by Saanich Police officers. Tyson was the subject of a mobleVicPD alert, a news alert and several social media posts.

Patrol officers working on the file shared their thanks for the public, news media, social media folks and everyone who helped share his information. This helped locate him and reunite him with his family.

Warrant Extended For Search of Saanich Property in Dana McKellar Disappearance

Date:   Jun 10, 2015

File #     14-39245

Victoria, BC – The warrant authorizing VIIMCU and VicPD’s extensive search of a rural Saanich property was extended today.

Officers from Saanich PD, the RCMP and VicPD continue to work to identify and excavate areas of interest on the seven-acre section of the Goward Road property. This warrant extension means that further police operations will continue on the property as investigators are authorized to continue the search until the end of the month of June.

Marc Thorsen awarded VicPD’s Civic Service Award

Date:   Jun 8, 2015

A brave and humble Saanich man was lauded today for putting himself in harm’s way to stop a violent domestic assault.

Chief Frank Elsner and Barb Desjardins, Mayor of Esquimalt and Co-chair of the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board were joined by Mr. Brian Smith of the Police Board in awarding Marc Thorsen the VicPD Civic Service Award for his actions on May 7th.

Thorsen was flanked by family and friends as he received the award.

UPDATE | Missing Male Located Safely, Search Discovers Second, Deceased Man

Date:   Jun 6, 2015

Files # 15-24776 and 15-24843

Victoria, BC – The missing, potentially suicidal male who was the subject of a search in Beacon Hill Park by VicPD Patrol Officers and Search and Rescue (SAR) specialists was identified and located safely outside the initial search area this afternoon. However, while searching for the initial missing man, SAR specialists discovered a second male down in the park, unrelated to the original search. This second male is deceased.

VicPD & Search and Rescue Searching Beacon Hill Park for Allegedly Suicidal Male

Date:   Jun 6, 2015

File #     15-24776

**UPDATE – The missing male has been identified. Additionally, he was spotted away from the initial search area this morning. Officers are working to locate him to ensure his well-being now.**

Victoria, BC – VicPD and Search and Rescue volunteers are currently searching Beacon Hill Park in an effort to locate a male who is believed to be suicidal.

UPDATE | Search Continues for Dana McKellar

Date:   Jun 5, 2015

Victoria BC – VIIMCU and VicPD’s extensive search of a rural Saanich property continues today.

Excavation on several areas of the property started yesterday and officers, utilizing ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic mapping technologies, aerial photography and experts in clandestine grave identification, continue to hunt for clues in or remains in McKellar’s disappearance.

UPDATE | VIIMCU Search of Saanich Property Enters Third Day

Date:   Jun 4, 2015

File #     14-39245

Victoria BC – The search for evidence in the missing persons case of Dana McKellar continues today.

Utilizing ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic mapping technologies, as well as experts in clandestine grave identification and an RCMP helicopter that is being used for aerial surveillance and photography, VicPD, Saanich PD and RCMP officers continue their search of the property.

VicPD and VIIMCU Search for Clues in Disappearance of Dana McKellar

Date:   Jun 2, 2015

File #   14-39245

Victoria BC – VicPD and the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit are launching an extensive search of a rural Saanich property with the goal of locating key evidence in the search for Dana McKellar.

McKellar was reported missing to VicPD in September of last year. After a comprehensive investigation, VIIMCU was brought on board to lead the investigation.