News Releases

Alert Community Member Helps VicPD Nab Two with Replica Handgun

Date:   Feb 23, 2015

File #     15-8118

Victoria BC – VicPD officers are crediting an alert community member with helping them arrest two individuals, who were seen with what appeared to be a handgun.

Officers were called to the 700-block of Pandora Avenue after an alert community member noticed two individuals in a stairwell.  One of the men produced what appeared to be a handgun and put it in his waistband.Upon arrival, the officers located both the individuals and, lying nearby, was a replica handgun.

VIIMCU and VicPD Investigate Suspicious Sudden Death

Date:   Feb 20, 2015

File #     15-7337

Victoria BC – The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crimes Unit and VicPD are investigating a suspicious sudden death.

VicPD officers were called to the 400-block of Michigan Street on Wednesday, February 18th, at approximately 9 a.m. for what was later determined to be a suspicious sudden death. Out of an abundance of caution VIIMCU was called.

VIIMCU and the BC Coroner’s Service are now leading the investigation, with the assistance of VicPD.

VicPD Blotter | Cars, Computers and Keys Saved in Separate Files

Date:   Feb 17, 2015

File #     15- 5978

Sharp-Eyed Officer and K9 Capture Thief

Victoria BC – Along with capturing a wanted escapee, VicPD officers were busy last week with a number of property related calls that resulted in arrests and the reuniting of property.

On Family Day, Monday, February 9th, Esquimalt Division officers were patrolling the 900-Block of Esquimalt Road at approximately 2 a.m., when they heard noises coming from a covered parking lot.

Two Determined Cops Return Five Bikes, Worth over $5000, in Four Days.

Date:   Feb 5, 2015

Victoria BC – Two determined VicPD officers are receiving kudos for good work after returning five stolen bikes, with a total value of over $5000, to their rightful owners in four days.

Starting on January 26th until the end of their shift on January 31st, the two officers were able to locate the five bikes, all during separate incidents. The bikes were seized and, through detailed investigation, the rightful owners were found.

VicPD Bids Farewell to Eight Senior Members

Date:   Jan 30, 2015

Victoria BC – Last night at the VicPD Retirement and Recognition ceremony, VicPD bid farewell to eight senior members from the department who are retiring at the end of the month.

The eight members have served the communities of Victoria and Esquimalt as part of VicPD with distinction. Many of the officers have come to VicPD from other departments throughout Canada including the Ottawa Police Service, Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP.

One Call from Concern Citizen Nets Two Impaired Drivers

Date:   Jan 29, 2015

Victoria BC – VicPD officers are crediting a local citizen for helping net two impaired drivers after reporting an erratic driver late last Friday night.

Officers received a call at approximately 11 p.m. on Friday, January 22 from a concerned citizen who noticed a vehicle traveling east on Esquimalt Road and hitting the curb and running into bushes along the street.