Dec 18, 2015 | Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board News Advisory

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board (the Board) support the decision announced today by the Office of the Police Complaint Commission (OPCC) to initiate a Public Trust investigation of Chief Constable Frank Elsner, and the Designation of a New Discipline Authority in this case. The Board will cooperate fully with the OPCC investigations and will be convening at the very earliest opportunity in order to determine appropriate next steps.

In light of the Commissioner’s announcement, Chief Constable Frank Elsner has advised the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board that he is voluntarily stepping aside until the investigations have completed. Deputy Chief Del Manak will assume the role of Acting-Chief effective immediately.

The Police Complaint Commissioner Stan Lowe has ordered two investigations involving allegations of disciplinary breeches of public trust and an integrated external investigation regarding workplace harassment. The Board echoes the Commissioner’s request that the public not rush to judgment or engage in speculation.

The Board supports the Commissioner’s concern with regard to the overriding importance of maintaining public trust. Oversight of quality public and community safety services is our primary responsibility.

The Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board is confident that community police services will continue to be provided with the highest degree of professionalism throughout our communities. Public safety has not been compromised during this process.


Barb Desjardins, Mayor of the Township of Esquimalt and Co-Chair Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board Phone: 250-883-1944