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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

08 December 2012 – 0645 hours – The victim started her car up in front of her residence early in the morning to warm it up prior to leaving for work. She ran back inside the house for a few moments and when she returned to leave she saw that the car was slowly pulling away from the curb and heading down the street.

The woman ran after the vehicle as it continued on its way down the street and managed to get the driver’s door open and confront a male suspect who she now found behind the wheel. The suspect kindly offered her a ride. The victim declined, preferring instead for the suspect to get the heck out of vehicle as a better alternative.

The suspect agreed to the alternative proposal and took himself out of the woman’s car. As she was already late for work she carried on and did not contact police until later in the day. Nevertheless the suspect was obliging enough to assist in the investigation by leaving his ID inside the car.

When officers caught up with the suspect later in the afternoon he was extremely apologetic and embarrassed by what he had done. He told the officers he had been experimenting with magic mushrooms but  had no better rationale for what he had done. He had already written an apology note to the victim before the officers arrived.

The suspect also assured the officers he would stay away from the victim and her car forever and never explore the effects of the little fleshy psychotropic fungus again.

As the woman was content with the apology note and police action, no charges will be laid.

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