VicPD is comprised of several specialty sections and units to keep the public safe. You can read about some of them below:

  • Patrol: The Patrol section is the most visible symbol of police presence within the community and is the largest component of the department. Members of this division respond to calls for assistance, maintain public order, detect and prevent criminal activity, conduct the initial investigation of reported crimes and engage in proactive policing duties 24 hours a day, everyday.
  • Focused Enforcement Team: The Focused Enforcement Team (FET) primary goal is to address the challenges that come with policing a downtown city core. They work closely with external stakeholders such as Our Place, Street Link, and the Downtown Business Association to find solutions to social issues, including poverty, addiction and homelessness. FET consists of several units including:
    • Bike squad
    • Beat officers
    • Traffic section
    • CRASH reconstruction team
    • Community Resource officers
  • Investigative Services: Investigative Services, or detectives, consists of Major Crimes, Financial Crimes and Special Victims Unit. Major Crimes members investigate serious offences against persons, including serious assaults, robberies, suspicious sudden deaths, hate crimes, etc. Financial Crimes members investigate fraud related matters where the dollar loss is in excess of $5,000, counterfeit currency files, debit and credit card skimming and other fraud related complex files. The Special Victims Unit investigates sexual assault related files and all child abuse and child sexual abuse files as well as internet luring and child pornography files. All of these units provide support to complex serious investigations and to the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit on homicide investigations.

  • Crime Prevention and Public Affairs: Crime Prevention and Public Affairs Services (CPS) is responsible for the delivery of effective crime prevention programs, campaigns and strategies for the neighborhoods within the Victoria and Esquimalt. Programs are administered through full time police and civilian staff with support from approximately 90 Volunteers and 47 Reserve Police Officers. Programs include Block Watch, Crime Free Multi-Housing, personal safety lectures, home-business security audits, Lock-out Auto Crime, Speed Watch, front counter, Stolen Auto Recovery and Crime Watch. Information to support these Intelligence-led programs is provided by the Analysis and Intelligence Services and public affairs staff to ensure that the public is well informaed about crime prevention strategies.

  • West Division & K-9: The West Division is located in Esquimalt's Public Safety building. In The division includes school liaison officers, youth investigators, community resource officer and K-9 unit.
  • Executive Services & Professional Standards:  The Executive Services & Professional Standards Division investigates public complaints, in addition to managing internal discipline, civil litigation, legal services, policy development and fleet/building logistics.  The officers and civilian staff in this section are responsible for issues that affect the department as a whole, and help maintain the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Operational Planning & Support: The Operational Planning Section is responsible for overseeing every sanctioned and non-sanctioned event that occurs within the City of Victoria or the Township of Esquimalt. This amounts to approximately 250 separate events per year, including parades, community celebrations such as Canada Day, concerts, demonstrations, etc. The Section is also responsible for all liquor permits and adherence to the rules surrounding the issuance of Special Occasion Licenses.
  • 911 Communication Centre: The 911 Communication Centre employs almost 50 civilian staff in a variety of positions, including dispatchers, call takers, trainer, switchboard operators and supervisors. The Communication Centre receives approximately 60,000 calls for service a year, with over 3,000 calls classified as the highest priority dealing with life-threatening situations.
  • Emergency Response Team: The Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team (GVERT) is a multi-jurisdictional unit tasked with resolving high-risk incidents. The team was formed in 1977 to serve the citizens of all five of the core municipalities. Members of the GVERT, who can be selected from any of the local municipal police agencies, are specially trained to deal with complex and dangerous situations like hostage takings, barricaded suspects, and high-risk warrant service.

  • Strikeforce & Street Crime: Strikeforce and Street Crime units are under-cover surveillance units that work independently or in support of major cimes investigations. Strikeforce’s primary focus is drug investigations and develops and trains the department’s drug experts. The Street Crime unit focuses on property crime, gang and gun related projects and high-risk offenders.

  • Forensic Services: Forensic Services is part of the detective division and is comprised of Forensic Identification and Computer Forensics. Forensic Identification examines crime scenes, exhibits, and collects evidence. They are well versed in fingerprints, footwear comparisons, collection of DNA, blood stain evidence, etc. Computer Forensics collects, examines and interprets digital evidence from computers, storage devices, phones and internet. Both highly-trained sections provide expert opinion and reports to investigators and Courts.
  • Exhibit Control & Purchasing: Exhibit Control is responsible for the handling and maintenance of all property and exhibits. This includes  safe storage, movement, and disposal of all items. Purchasing staff procures all product and services. This section also covers fleet maintenance, building services, cell phone management, dry-cleaning services, and other functions.
  • Human Resources: The Human Resources Division is responsible for all aspects of recruitment and retention of employees, ensuring the police department's training standards remain current, development of dynamic training curriculum and providing training opportunities, facilitating promotional competitions, creating job descriptions and filling vacancies, performance management of employees and fostering a healthy working environment.
  • Records: Records Section contributes in the protection of the public and police members by serving as an integral part of the criminal justice community through the maintenance and dissemination of accurate and reliable information. Over 42,000 police files and 3,600 Criminal Record checks are processed through this Section on an annual basis.
  • Information Technology: The Information Technology Section provides critical support for all Information Systems that are vital to the operations of the Victoria Police Department. They support over 400 users and enhanced technological advancements and provides ongoing training for all software and hardware use.

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